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Grades K-8: Math, ELA/Reading, Spelling, Writing, eBooks etc.



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100% customizable to differentiate learning for each student.



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Success Stories
Teachers LOVE ScootPad! Our growth is driven by word-of-mouth referrals from happy teachers.
  • Slide-01

    Mrs. Jan Salsman

    My students love ScootPad. They can not wait to get started each day. I am using the program as enrichment and intervention in my math classes.
  • Slide-01

    Mr. Springthorpe

    Scootpad is a great way to monitor students' proficiency with the standards. I like the ability to target specific standards by creating unique assignments for each student. Thanks!
  • Slide-01

    Ms. Gayle Valdez

    My kids are so excited to work on their assignments on Scootpad! In just two days, we made it to number three on the Top 50 leaderboard. This has motivated them even more. I love that I can designate assignments!
  • Slide-01

    Mrs. Brandi Kranich

    My kids love scootpad and ask to use it daily. As a special education teacher I like how I can customize what they receive practice with as well as collect data on what they know and can do.
  • Slide-01

    Mrs. Brooke Perez

    My kids love it, the parents love it, I love it!! I especially like the reading log.
  • Slide-01

    Ms. Wilson

    Students love the website. They visit from home even when homework has not been assigned.
  • Slide-01

    Mr. Jason Boyette

    My kids really enjoy ScootPad. They compete to see who can collect the most coins as well as who can gain the highest accuracy. It helps me be able to spend more time on skills that the students are having trouble on.
  • Slide-01

    Ms. Laura Garrity

    Scootpad is great! I can select which specific standards my students need to work on. I can also assign harder standards for my higher level students to challenge them.
  • Slide-01

    Mr. Huss

    With paper being rationed out and copy machines being run to death, going paperless is a huge advantage. The kids love logging in and are constantly challenged. It also makes it easier for me to monitor homework in a 31:1 classroom. TY, ScootPad.
  • Slide-01

    Mr. Jason Rushing

    Using ScootPad with my younger students for Math and Reading practice/interventions. They are loving it! One student even exclaimed, "This makes learning FUN!"
  • Slide-01

    Mr. Jason Kornoely

    I love ScootPad! My students can use ScootPad to stay up on their math skills and concepts. I find the immediate feedback crucial for not only me, but the students. I am happy to use ScootPad as an application to our Edmodo virtual classroom.
  • Slide-01

    Miss Jill

    I introduced it to my team, and now the whole school will be using it next year! This was an excellent way to include more artifacts for evaluations. I use it as one of my center rotations during reading and math blocks.
  • Slide-01

    Christian Jack

    I use ScootPad as acceleration, remediation, supplemental RTI time and students use on their own to connect our class skills with home
  • Slide-01

    Mrs. Felicia Macfarland

    I am using for my ESOL and EIP classes in Georgia. It is a great way to integrate technology in an additional way and to have and maintain a record of students' progress. I have also had it added to our school's IPad app selection!
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