Coins and Rewards

Motivate and engage students automatically with ScootPad's built-in game-like features which make the learning process visual, competitive, and fun. Students love ScootPad - and so will you!


Persistence deserves a reward! Students instantly receive coins for answering questions correctly in practices and assignments. They can also earn bonus coins for scoring a perfect 100%. Lastly, you can award bonus coins to further motivate students.


Personalize rewards to motivate any student or the entire class. Earning homework passes was never more fun! As they complete tasks and earn coins, students can redeem their coins for these sweet rewards and reap the benefits of their hard work.

Piggy Bank

Not only will your students enjoy earning coins but they will love keeping track of their earnings in their virtual piggy bank. Students learn basic money skills by earning, saving and spending coins to unlock games and personalizing their ScootPad experience.

Games and Personalization

When you reward your students, it's extrinsic. But when your students redeem earned coins for games and other fun swag, that sense of accomplishment drives intrinsic motivation. We help students personalize their ScootPad experience so they are more engaged to learn on ScootPad.

Classroom Customization

Keeping your students engaged is fun so as part of your classroom settings, we invite you to set the tone to make sure the fun can happen on your schedule. Personalize the different engagement options for each student or the entire classroom with just a few clicks.

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