Parent Engagement

Engage parents in their child's learning - they'll love seeing the data and receiving those reminders. Research shows that parent engagement and intervention helps improve student achievement by 84%.

100% Free

Simply link a parent email with the student account and get parents started with their own portal and student progress updates.

Parent-Teacher Connection

Never miss when Jonny's assignment is due with automatic reminders and personal messages from teachers on ScootBoard. School trip info, parent-teacher conferences, and even the class video lesson could find its way here.

Supplemental Learning

The At-Home Learning Zone is a great option that allows parents to supplement learning at home. Using the insights from the classroom, parents can tailor activities to further engage their child and move them closer to mastery.


Parents can personalize rewards to keep children motivated with their classwork. The trip to their favorite amusement park may just be within reach as kids earn more coins by completing more practices making happy parents and happy teachers.

Real-Time Student Data

Parents never have to wait for progress report time to gain insights into their child's progress. Real-time data on their dashboard provides them with action items for proactive interventions in guiding and engaging students towards mastery.

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