Why ScootPad?
Our data-driven adaptive platform delivers dynamic, ongoing scaffolding and personalized mastery to every student in every concept like none other.

ScootPad Overview

Watch how we transform learning by delivering dynamic, ongoing scaffolding to every student.

Why You Should Choose ScootPad

Here's answers to most frequently asked questions that help you choose the right solution.


How exactly will ScootPad help Students?

Over 75% of classrooms have students with knowledge gaps that span across multiple grade levels. Teachers simply don't have the time, patience and data to fill these knowledge gaps for each and every student on a daily basis.

ScootPad meets every student exactly where he/she is in every concept, ensuring they receive the right level of practice, instruction, scaffolding and assessment - this happens in real-time and automatically. ScootPad auto-detects knowledge gaps in real-time and scaffolds to prerequisite skills (at or below grade level) when necessary to help each student catch up on exactly what they need to move ahead.

As a result, students continuously receive the right level of support at exactly the right time to overcome all learning gaps and master every concept in their path. To learn more about how ScootPad helps students, please visit our how ScootPad works page.


How exactly will ScootPad help Teachers?

Over 75% of classrooms have students with knowledge gaps that span across multiple grade levels. Yet, most teachers have resources and knowledge to address only one grade level. Teachers simply can't muster the time, patience, data, and recall needed to offer the level of support needed to each and every student on a daily basis.

That�s why, at ScootPad, we built a powerful data-driven platform to deliver personalized scaffolding and instruction to help each and every student move ahead and reach their full potential. As a result, students continuously receive the right level of support at exactly the right time to overcome all learning gaps and master every concept in their path.

Teachers gain powerful insights and data that enable them to teach smarter, not harder! ScootPad offers teachers a smarter way to predict which concepts need re-teaching and which students need intervention. As a result, teachers save valuable time that they can use to focus on more important tasks such as what to teach, when to intervene and which students to rescue from failing. To learn more about how ScootPad helps teachers, please visit our how ScootPad works page.


How exactly will ScootPad deliver Personalized Learning?

Traditionally, products claiming personalized learning capabilities identify a student's level of proficiency in a subject matter only at a single point in time and only by using a fixed number of questions (with a placement test, knowledge check, quiz, assessment etc.). Then, it will seek to develop a curriculum to fill the identified gaps of knowledge. In such single-point adaptive solutions, the curriculum remains static and ignores students' ongoing progress and struggles.

ScootPad, however, enables continuous adaptivity to meet each student's unique needs in real-time. ScootPad analyzes each student response in real-time taking into account their latest proficiency and will adjust the rigor (number of questions to practice and their respective depth of knowledge) and adjust the learning path (the next concept to learn).

In other words, ScootPad's adaptive learning process is dynamic and thereby continuously adapting to each student's unique needs and adjusting the learning path in real-time to achieve mastery in the desired concepts. Personalized learning on ScootPad is made possible by the combined power of data-driven insights and mastery-based spiral learning techniques. As a result, students receive learning that is continuously personalized with the right level of scaffolding at exactly the right time to overcome all learning gaps and to enable mastery in every concept.

To learn more about ScootPad's mastery-based spiral learning approach, please visit our how ScootPad works page.


Do teachers have flexibility in how they can use ScootPad?

At ScootPad, we believe each classroom is unique and hence we offer teachers the utmost flexibility and customization so they can tailor ScootPad in unique ways to meet their students' needs. Teachers have the flexibility to implement our fully automated Adaptive process or their own teacher-driven Targeted process or a mix of both models (hybrid) to deliver a very powerful differentiation model for their students. Here are the most common use cases and implementation models:

Mastery-Based Classrooms: One or more teachers teach to groups of students based on their specific needs. Teachers leverage our pre-built learning paths and also design their own custom learning paths.

Traditional Classrooms: One teacher per classroom. Instruction is defined by curriculum maps and pacing guides. Teachers design their own custom learning paths and add to them as they progress during the school year.

Technology-Infused Classrooms: Students use ScootPad in a lab setting driven by a secondary teacher. Instruction is assumed by the primary teacher (who may or may not be using ScootPad). Our pre-built learning paths are used in this scenario.

After-School Classrooms: Students use ScootPad in an after-school setting driven by a secondary teacher who may or may not be the primary teacher providing the student with direct instruction. Our pre-built learning paths are used in this scenario.

To learn more about ScootPad's student-centered learning solutions, please visit our ScootPad Learning Solutions page.


Is ScootPad research based? What evidence of efficacy is available?

Designed to maximize learning outcomes, our platform is powered by research-backed strategies from cognitive science, learning science and data science to create powerful personalized learning experiences for every student. Our reseach team is led by distinguished professors and renowned researchers from Stanford University. To learn more about ScootPad's research-backed platform, please visit our platform overview page.

Over 600 schools trust ScootPad to power their student learning. ScootPad partners with schools to develop and implement controlled case studies to measure effectiviness of their ScootPad implementation and it's impact on student outcomes. Schools that follow our best practices driven implementation fidelity have shown a significant increase in student engagement and double-digit growth in test scores. To read these case studies in detail, please visit our Case Studies page.


What training is available to help teachers achieve success with ScootPad?

ScootPad offers a comprehensive set of free PD opportunities including on-demand video-based training and live virtual sessions for teachers and administrators. Our ready-made training programs are designed for three types of users: 1) novice teachers to help them get a successful start 2) teachers who need more in-depth training in advanced implementation models and 3) instructional coaches and mentors who need to know everything about ScootPad to support their teachers.

In addition to these pre-built training options, ScootPad works with each school to develop a personalized training plan and a quarterly best-practices review process to ensure their implementation of ScootPad is both successful and effective. To learn more about ScootPad's training and PD offerings, please visit our training center page.

ScootPad Vs. Traditional Tools

Here's 10 reasons why ScootPad is the world's most personalized mastery platform.


Traditional Tools

Interactive Learning Content

Engaging video based instruction content with interactive tech-enhanced practice and assessment items.


Static Learning Content

Static text based instruction content with traditional multiple-choice practice and assessment items.

Customizable Curriculum

Flexible curriculum with customizable learning paths tailored to your instructional models, pacing guides and grade-level objectives.


Fixed Curriculum

Curriculum is pre-defined and fixed with alignment to one grade level.

Adaptive Learning Path

Each student has their own learning path which takes into consideration what they already know and adjusts in real-time to meet their unique strengths and needs.


Fixed Learning Path

All students follow the same learning path ignoring what they already know and not addressing their unique strengths and needs.

Automatic Scaffolding

Knowledge gaps are automatically detected and filled in real-time, both at and below grade-level, helping each student catch up on exactly what they need to move ahead.


Teacher-Led Scaffolding

Teachers are expected to review data and deliver differentiation and scaffolding to each student manually.

Proactive Intervention

Real-time scaffolding and predictable outcomes help teachers proactively adjust their instruction to prevent interventions before it's too late.


Intervention After the Fact

Interventions are identified after students hit a wall with their learning and that is often too late for teachers to help.

Long-Term Learning

Spiral practice through research-backed retrieval, interleaving and spacing leads to deep, long-lasting conceptual learning.


Short-Term Learning

Massed practice of one concept at a time leads to surface-level short-term memorization and an illusion of mastery.

Quick and Easy Formative Assessments

Teachers can easily gauge student knowledge and measure longitudinal growth with pre-built tech-enhanced items and standards-aligned assessments.


Lack Tools to Assess and Measure Growth

Teachers often rely on worksheets and assignment data to gain formative insights and lack tools to measure effectiveness and student growth.

Intrinsic Engagement and Motivation

Students are continuously engaged with collaborative game-like features to instill intrinsic motivation, growth mindset and self-determination.


Extrinsic Engagement and Motivation

Teachers are expected to manually and continuously administer student engagement and motivation strategies to keep students focused.

Intuitive UX. Any Device 24x7.

Modern and responsive UI design to deliver rich and intuitive user experience on any device. Accessible anytime and anywhere on all click and touch devices.


Static UI. Limited Access & Compatibility.

Traditional learning tools are Web 1.0 designed with a rigid user interface that is compatible with limited types of devices and only on-site.

All Inclusive & Super Affordable.

Very affordable and all-inclusive pricing which covers the license, onboarding, ongoing reviews, free training and unmetered support.


Expensive. Resource Intensive.

Typically expensive due to the costs associated with the license, implemention, training and ongoing support.

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  • Side-By-Side Comparison

    Capability, Accessibility and Affordability.

    • 1. Curriculum & Content
      Pre-built curriculum and tech-enhanced content to support Common Core, US State Standards and International Standards.
    • 2. Customizable Learning Paths
      Design custom learning paths aligned to your own instructional models, pacing guides or curriculum guides.
    • 3. Adaptive Learning Paths
      Auto-adjust learning paths in real-time to each individual students' unique strengths and needs in the moment.
    • 4. Auto-Scaffold Knowledge Gaps
      Auto-detect knowledge gaps, scaffold instruction and fill prerequisite skill gaps, at or below grade-level.
    • 5. Proactive Intervention
      Actionable insights for teachers to predict interventions, adjust instruction, implement interventions and monitor improvement.
    • 6. Make Learning Stick
      Ensure deeper and long term learning using research-backed strategies (dual coding, mastery, interleaving, retrieval and spacing).
    • 7. Formative & Benchmark Assessments
      Author custom items or assign pre-built assessments to gauge student knowledge and measure longitudinal student growth.
    • 8. Student Engagement and Motivation
      Engaging and collaborative game-like environment to drive intrinsic motivation, growth mindset and self-determination.
    • 9. Accessible Anytime and Anywhere
      All features are accessible to all users anytime and anywhere via Chromebooks, desktops (click) and mobile (touch) devices.
    • 10. Affordable Pricing
      Competitive and affordable pricing for licenses and teacher training to achieve sustainable results year after year.
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    • $9/student/yearVolume Discounts Available.
  • SuccessMaker

  • StudyIsland


  • Waggle

  • Freckle

  • IXL

  • MobyMax

  • iReady

  • iStation

  • DreamBox

  • Reading Eggspress

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