Adaptive Practices

Each student is unique, with different levels of knowledge. Our adaptive engine continuously personalizes practice - giving every student a tailored learning experience to meet his or her unique mastery needs.

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Learning Paths

Learning paths provide a framework to define the scope of the curriculum to be mastered. Use our pre-built grade level learning paths or design your own custom learning paths.

Continuous Personalization

Our adaptive engine continuously personalizes learning - delivering a tailored practice experience with each and every problem to meet the student's need as of that moment.

Just-In-Time Instruction

When a student struggles with a concept, ScootPad automatically pushes a Time-Out lesson to help the student in the moment with that specific concept.

Automatic Intervention

Students struggling with a concept are automatically redirected to learn the pre-requisite concepts often below their grade level - this is achieved through dynamic content scaffolding.

Making Learning Stick

Our strategically spaced Mastery Check assessments spiral previously practiced concepts to ensure students can maintain their overall competency levels higher over time.

Real-Time Insights

Adaptive learning is dynamic and often a black box. Our dashboard provides powerful insight into what students are learning in the moment and pinpoint mastery by each student.

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