Built from the ground up with 50+ tech-enhanced item formats, content on ScootPad is standards aligned and Depth Of Knowledge (DOK) leveled. Content gets better continuously based on the usage insights and direct teacher feedback.

Standards Aligned

Our platform is aligned to the National Common Core Standards, Indiana Academic Standards, and England's National Curriculum. Stay tuned for more state specific and international standards!

DOK-Led Rigor

ScootPad emulates Webb's Depth of Knowledge (DOK) to enable necessary content depth and rigor. Each question type is designed to reflect progressively deeper DOK Levels (1-4).

50+ Powerful Tech-Enhanced Items

Content gets more interactive and technically advanced with 50+ item types (more than PARCC and SBAC combined). Our extensive collection ensures complete coverage for PARCC and SBAC simulations in addition to giving students ample opportunity to master these unique formats on various devices.

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Instructional Content

Our instructional content bank offers multimedia OER (Open Education Resource) lessons and Scootorials for each concept. This results in a rich and interactive learning experience for your students which targets their zone of proximal development.

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Practice Content

Practice content is personalized so that each session is driven by student responses. The DOK-leveled content is specific to this portion of the platform and will not overlap with content seen in assessments or instructional lessons.

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Assessment Content

With over 50 different item types having various DOK levels, our assessment content bank is sure to please. No overlap between the instructional and practice content ensures students do not memorize content but master skills.

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Content Insights

Data mining algorithms continuously analyze our content's usage and effectiveness resulting in actionable insights for our content team. Data-driven content monitoring coupled with the direct teacher feedback help us make revisions quickly and maintain a very high quality standard.

Content Exchange

Design your own supplemental curriculum resources on ScootPad. Author tech-enhanced items, build your own common assessments, collaborate with other educators, and view all of these great resources in our content exchange.

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