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How ScootPad Helps Students Achieve Mastery

Powered by innovative adaptive technology and mastery-based pedagogy, ScootPad delivers continuously personalized learning to help each student move towards mastery in every concept.

How ScootPad Works

Adaptive Practice

Our platform adapts in real-time to meet students exactly where they are with the right amount of practice to master every concept.

Just-In-Time Instruction

Our bite-sized instructional videos help students learn concepts in the moment and support them in becoming self-directed and independent learners.

Real-Time Remediation

We detect and fill knowledge gaps while students learn, both at and below grade-level, so they can catch up on exactly what they need to move ahead.

Automatic Assessment

We strategically space mastery check assessments to spiral previously learned concepts ensuring students can retain, recall and apply knowledge over time.

Comprehensive K-8 (Math and English) Curriculum

Supporting Common Core, 10+ US State Standards and International Standards.

Powerful Features To Differentiate Learning

We empower teachers with the innovative tools they need to tailor learning that meets their students' unique needs continuously.

Differentiated Learning
  • Adaptive Mode


    Each student is on autopilot through concept mastery at their own pace while getting the support when and where they need it.

  • Blended Mode


    A blended approach with students achieving mastery independently while receiving timely remediation and intervention from the teachers.

  • Targeted Mode

    Manual Override

    Teachers take the drivers seat to target mastery in specific concepts and deliver data-driven instruction and remediation.

Making Student-Centered Learning Possible

ScootPad makes it possible to implement student-centered solutions and transform the learning experience for all students.

Student-Centered Learning
  • Mastery Learning


    Enable mastery learning for each student with personalized pathways, supplemental instruction and automatic mastery assessment.

  • Supplemental Practice


    Provide supplemental practice to help students fill their knowledge gaps and gain mastery in each and every concept.

  • Formative Assessments


    Gauge student knowledge frequently, implement instructional changes timely and measure student growth effectively.

  • Response To Intervention


    Predict which standards and students need intervention, identify implementation strategies, and monitor intervention effectiveness.

  • At-Home Learning


    Parents stay engaged in their child's learning and supplement learning at home to further enhance their kids' ability to master concepts independently.

  • 1:1 Learning Environment


    Enable each student with personalized and self-paced learning opportunities leveraging and harnessing the power of 1:1 devices.

  • Curriculum Collaboration


    Standardize curriculum seamlessly across all classrooms and enable teachers to create, use and share tech-enhanced learning content.

  • After-School Learning


    After-school learning centers and tutors can supplement learning for students after school and enable concept practice and mastery aligned with the primary classroom curriculum.

Built on Decades of Research

Inspired by decades of research and guided by our distinguished advisors from Stanford University, ScootPad's adaptive learning platform harnesses the power of Mastery Learning and the Personalized System of Instruction to transform student learning.

Mastery Learning (ML)

Our platform is a practical realization of Dr. Bloom's mastery learning techniques, one that is as effective as one-to-one tutoring and capable of delivering a 2 sigma effect on student achievement.

Personalized System of Instruction (PSI)

Our pedagogy is fueled by PSI, Dr. Keller's innovative method of instruction, which builds on the mastery learning theory and is based on the idea of reinforcement throughout the learning process.

"The Science Behind Our Mastery-Based Adaptive Learning Platform"

Research White Paper. ScootPad Corporation. March 2018.

Read the White Paper

Trusted By 500+ Schools Globally

Lynn Andrews, Allesandro Elementary School
ScootPad continues to hit the mark on providing students with much needed Math and Reading practice while acquiring computer knowledge. ScootPad has become an important tool in the success of our students.
Howard Greenfield, Silver Oak Elementary School
With the use of ScootPad, our 3rd graders grew on their state test, 21% in ELA and 7% in math.
Rebecca Balentine, Huntsville City Schools
Students whose abilities range from below grade level to those who are performing consistently above their grade level are challenged on a daily basis. We love ScootPad and look forward to using it next year.
Joseph Macchia, Oak Lawn-Hometown School District
We were immediately impressed with both the adaptive nature of the platform, as well as the depth and breadth of data available to our teachers.
Cheryl Hill, Fort Gibson Public Schools
Every student in our district has a device as part of our district 1:1 initiative. Our elementary students (k-5) use ScootPad as an integral part of their virtual instruction using their own devices. They communicate with their teachers and receive assignments and practice through ScootPad.
Mrs. Ussery, Zolfo Springs Elementary
I was HOOKED the minute I signed up my class. ScootPad helped my students and myself understand what each standard was addressing.
Mrs. Hernandez, Kapowsin Elementary
Students have made progress in both math and reading. I also like that we don't have to print out any papers. Parents are able to view students' work and reports as well.
Mrs. Michele Liggins, James Jackson Elementary
My students have shown substantial academic achievement while utilizing ScootPad. I have seen great improvement from my lowest students (first grade level) to substantial gains from my higher students (third grade level).
Ms. Michelle Shelton, Highland Park Elementary
It is a great timesaver when I can have them reading and responding to informational passages and they can see immediate results. Their scores have climbed this year on benchmark tests and I know ScootPad is a big part of the reason why! We LOVE ScootPad in our classroom!
Patty Clancy, Deputy Elementary
I'm seeing great results because my students' scores are improving on their math and reading assignments.
Ms. Rebecca Dunn, Carolina Forest Elementary
I wanted something that would be engaging and would differentiate, as well as address the Common Core.
Ms. Gradone, Hillsborough Elementary
Overall, my students have become more motivated to learn. Not only do they ask to use ScootPad more often throughout the day, but they are using it at home every night. They have taken control of their own learning and their desires have exploded. They are more engaged than ever!
Tamela Warren, Union Hall Elementary
After utilizing ScootPad, my students have made vast improvements in Language Arts. They have more confidence while completing independent assessments. Also, my fifth grade students are exposed to more vocabulary and enjoy working to master each unit.
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Independently Recognized

ScootPad has been recognized as the leading adaptive learning platform the independent education research firm EdSurge.

Sponsored by The Gates Foundation, EdSurge developed a framework to decode "adaptive learning technology" and offers a three-pronged approach to evaluate how tools adapt to learners in real-time.

ScootPad has been recognized as the leading adaptive learning platform that offers adaptive content, adaptive assessment and adaptive sequence. Of the 22 tools evaluated, ScootPad is the ONLY tool that offers adaptive learning across content domains (Math and ELA) for grades K-8 and accessible 24x7 over the cloud on any device.

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