Zolfo Springs Elementary School Hardee, Zolfo Springs, FL

"I was HOOKED the minute I signed up my class. ScootPad helped my students and myself understand what each standard was addressing." - Mrs. Ussery

Zolfo Springs Elementary School


Zolfo Springs, FL

533 Students

Problem Statement

Common Core for our school was so new that we had no clue what the standards were talking about. I was told about ScootPad from a fellow first grade teacher back in 2012. I was HOOKED the minute I signed my class up. ScootPad helped my students and myself understand what each standard was addressing. I have written grants to get microphones for my classroom and to help fund ScootPad for my classroom. I will continue to seek funding OR pay for the full version myself for years to come. I believe in this program so much.

ScootPad Solution

ScootPad is used daily in my classroom for every student during station time. It meets the needs of my lower level students while still keeping my higher level students moving on to new skills. I am able to use the reports for meetings with other teachers, parents, and for documentation of common core standards.

Impact and Results

My students also use ScootPad at home. They are excited to get on the computer so that they can master a common core standard and move on to the next challenge. As for saving time, ScootPad has introduced skills to my students before I, as a teacher, get to that skill. They are so excited to say, I know that or I have seen that on ScootPad." Saving money has been priceless with this program."